Posted on: January 15, 2008 6:39 pm

Noticed a Pattern here about the NFL

Alrite, teams that play the last game hard even though they have already clinched the playoffs, do better than those teams that dont play their starters the last game

Case in point....
  • The Colts played their starters for maybe a quarter week 17 against Tennessee and lost and then lost their first game in the playoffs
  • The Steelers didnt play their starters even a quarter in week 17 against Baltimore and lost that game and then lost in the first week of the playoffs. They should have lost by a lot more Jacksonville let down their guard
  • The Cowboys rested everybody week 17 and lost to the Redskins and then lost their first game in the playoffs
  • The Bucs rested everybody week 17 and lost to the Panthers and then lost in the first round to the Giants
Now to the teams who did play hard the final week
  • The Patriots going for 16-0 played their starters beat the Giants and beat the Jaguars in the playoffs
  • The Giants playing their starters, lost but played the Patriots as hard as anybody, and look where they are now in the playoffs
  • The Chargers won their last 6 or 7 games before the playoffs and are hot in the playoffs, even with backups
  • The Packers played most of the game against the Lions when they killed them and now are one win away from the SB- (Great throw by Favre)
Only Exception, which really isnt an exception-
  • The Seahawks who didnt play their starters much of the last week against the Falcons and still only lost by 3. They did win against the Redskins, but who wouldnt have, with that crowd and by the way, the Seahawks didnt really win that game, the Redskins just lost it if you know what I mean. The Skins handed it to 'em on a silver platter
  • Then they go on and get outscored by the Pack 42-6 in the final 3.75 quarters.
ANYONE NOTICE A TREND?? Play your starters the last week. It makes a HUGE difference.
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